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Welcome to Barbara Bush Middle School!

We are a diverse campus that celebrates the many cultures of our families.  Our dedicated staff is committed to a rigorous instructional program that prepares students to compete in a global economy.

Our campus uses 21st century skills with inquiry based learning to develop reflective thinkers and effective communicators.  Our diverse student body routinely exhibits Service in Action with various charitable organizations.  Many of our students participate in competitive Fine Arts and Athletics programs that strengthen our students into well-rounded citizens.  Learn more about school by watching this presentation.  



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I love teaching at BBMS. Homeroom time allows us to know each other,  and find similarities while also valuing our differences. We are always looking for & implementing diverse technology tools so our students can experience as much as possible. I personally love the opportunity to share my interests in the world so I can challenge my students to think with a more global mindset.

BBMS Staff Member

My favorite thing about Barbara Bush Middle School is the community…it is like I have a second family when I am here.
-BBMS Student

I love the diversity at BBMS.  My children get to meet students from all over the world and learn about their culture directly from them.  I'm happy to send my kids to BBMS because I know they are learning to embrace diversity, training to become lifelong learners, and are being molded into resilient young adults!
-BBMS Parent